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Temptu Airbrush Makeup System Review

Date Published: 03/29/2010
Being a professional makeup artist definitely had its perks; just last week I received a free TEMPTU AIRBrush Makeup System for my review in the mail. The TEMPTU AIRBrush Makeup System is an airbrush makeup kit designed for personal use that became available for consumers in September of last year.



I always use airbrush makeup whenever I go on shoots, since time is money on sets and my deal with impatient directors and actors the whole time. Therefore, I want to create my looks quickly and easily. Airbrush makeup really does give a flawless, perfected look like no other type of makeup can. I brought the TEMPTU AIRBrush kit along with me to a set last weekend to try it out. While I really liked the sleekness of the AIRBrush and how it looks, I must say that I was less than thrilled about how the makeup looked once I applied it.

The TEMPTU marketing materials claim that the makeup will look dewy and glowing, but it looked a bit too wet in my opinion. I ended up having to make a lot of corrections and dusting loose powder after applying the TEMPTU makeup, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of airbrush makeup.

I tested out the kit on one of extras beforehand, and I thought her skin looked good, but she said she felt like she had a pound of wet, sticky makeup on. Now I may be a little spoiled, since I’m used to my Dinair airbrush makeup kit and the flawless looks it allows me to create, but the finished product from the TEMPTU kit was nowhere near my usual work. Since I apply makeup for a living, I knew how to keep the AIRBrush spray coming out evenly and how to make the skin look less wet and tacky to the touch, but I think less experienced people would have a much harder time.

The TEMPTU system fits three pods of makeup that you snap in. The blush pod didn’t work at all at first, so I improvised and used the bronzer pod, which worked really well. I also loved the highlighter pod; it really allowed me to contour and shape the faces. Another plus was how fresh and clean the makeup smells as you spray it onto the skin.

However, I still wouldn’t recommend the TEMPTU kit for personal, everyday use. People who want the ease of airbrush makeup and a flawless look would be much better off going with an airbrush makeup kit from a company that’s been in the airbrush makeup business for quite some time, like Dinair.

The TEMPTU AIRBrush Makeup System is available only at Sephora and costs $225. Each system comes with a complete DVD explaining how to use the product and fits up to three makeup pods ranging from $30-50 each.


  • Good product for the money

  • Looks professional

  • Impressively stylish



  • Cannot Mix Makeup Colors

  • Refills are costly

  • Makeup product is sticky for a long time

  • Silicone based makeup sometimes has to be
    Reapplied due to inconsistent coverage

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