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Stream Cosmetics Review: Luminess Air Stream

Stream Cosmetics is the latest company to come out in the airbrush makeup industry. My Airbrush Makeup Reviews takes astream-cosmetics-review closer look at the challenges one might experience when joining the company. Although there have been pioneers working to bring airbrush technology to the home for almost thirty years, the guys at Stream Makeups are marketing themselves as the first to do so. While this is definitely not the case, let’s take a look at what this newest member of the airbrush world has to offer.


The Airbrush Makeup products offered by Stream Makeups do not appear to be revolutionary or unique. However, their airbrush kit is nicely designed, and it comes with the standard shades of foundation, with optional blushes, highlighters and bronzers as well as eye-shades, lip stains etc. They also have a non-airbrushed concealer, temporary-tattoo style liquid eyeliner and a spray tan applicator.

The Cosmetics have the usual benefits of being quick to apply, longer lasting than ordinary foundations and better for the skin because of the hygienic application method. Their products don’t look bad, but according to our experts at My Airbrush Makeup Reviews, they are most certainly not a revelation in the airbrush industry. And… they are very expensive.

Business Model:

Stream Makeups have taken the unusual step of making its company into a pyramid style business opportunity. Similar to how Avon or Amway runs their operations, the Stream Makeup business model works by signing up independent distributors who try to make a business out of selling the company’s products. My Airbrush Makeup Reviews feels that one of the good things about the Stream Cosmetics business model is that it has a very low start up cost of $50.00, and requires no purchase of inventory if you don’t want to, although it may be difficult to convince people to buy the product if you aren’t using the system and they haven’t seen a

The model follows a familiar pattern of recruiting new distributors, while keeping up a monthly minimum sales generation for the group, and that is the very basics of how to progress through the ‘levels’ of the Cosmetics opportunity. Of course with the progression through the different levels comes increased bonuses and remuneration, but it remains to be seen just how difficult it is to do so – and as always it is up to the drive and commitment of the person to really keep it moving.

It’s a bit of a gamble for stream makeup cosmetics to keep their products out of retail stores and into the hands of independent sales people, but it is one that paid off for Avon, so perhaps too for this fledgling company. Stream makeup cosmetics also sell its products through their ‘On Demand’ website store, so there are opportunities to purchase the products if you don’t want to become a distributor, or don’t know any distributors.

My Airbrush Makeup Reviews did some digging and discovered that Stream Cosmetics is the new marketing arm of Luminess Air a company which has received rocky reviews over the past couple of years.

It is worth noting however that there are plenty of other airbrush companies who have much more experience in the field so before jumping into the Stream Cosmetics business plan, perhaps take a good look at some of the available airbrush reviews and what others have to offer in the airbrush industry.

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  1. Gloria Hines /

    Does Stream Cosmetics offer any discounts if I purchase beauty products from there? Can you please provide the details regarding their products, fees and all.

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