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MacPro Airbrush and Compressor Review


MacPro Airbrush and Compressor Review

MacPro Airbrush and Compressor Review

I’ve recently had the opportunity to try the MAC PRO Airbrush and Compressor. As a professional makeup artist for eight years now on a popular morning television show, I brought it on set with me to test.

While I did like the MAC Pro Airbrush and found it to be a quality product overall, the downside was the customer service I encountered when the airbrush stopped working. I guess I’m just used to the excellent customer service and helpful representatives of companies like Kett Jett or Dinair, but the MAC woman I spoke with was not helpful in the least. Her overall attitude was basically that I was on my own and had to try and figure out why the MAC PRO Airbrush wasn’t working on my own. Judging from her attitude, it certainly wasn’t her problem! Needless to say, I was not very impressed.

I liked the MAC PRO Airbrush itself though (while it worked). I’ve always found Iwata products easy-to-handle. I mixed together different shades of the MAC Micronized Airbrush Formula, which looked great on screen when we filmed a quick test run on one of the actors. The actor has a scar that I always cover up on her shoulder, and the silicon-based MAC formula covered it up just fine. I diluted the formula with the cleanser on the next actor for more of a sheer finish.

I also liked that the foundation was waterproof, which is an absolute necessity under the hot lights that constantly tries to destroy the looks I create! The airbrush also shut off automatically as soon as I stopped using it, which is a nice conservation measure. I could change the psi pressure too, an absolute must for any airbrush machine these days.

Any readers out there who want an airbrush machine for personal use should understand that the MAC PRO Airbrush is mainly for professionals. It provides a finish that looks great in print and television, camera, but this machine isn’t designed for everyday use. The makeup is too heavy for everyday use and would look cakey in the daylight. People who want an airbrush machine for personal use should definitely get more of a ‘starter’ airbrush makeup kit.

Pricewise, the MAC PRO compressor sells for $285 and the airbrush guns are $140 at any MAC PRO store. MAC also offers a one-day workshop for $400, which I’m not sure is worth the price tag, especially after the nasty customer service experience I had. Besides, the best way to get better at airbrushing is to practice using one and find a workshop or course with one-on-one hands-on training and teaching.

I was so turned off by my experience calling MAC support that I immediately called back after I hung up the first time, hoping to get a better rep the second time around. The second one was nicer, but she still didn’t offer me any useful information whatsoever. Luckily, I had my other airbrush makeup kits with me, but imagine if I just had the MAC PRO Airbrush and had to rely on it to make up my actors. I would have been screwed! All in all, I liked the MAC PRO Airbrush, but don’t expect help from MAC customer service if the airbrush malfunctions or stops working.

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  1. Connie /

    Hi, there. I`m a makeup artist from Argentina specialized in Airbrush Beauty makeup skill.
    When i introduce airbrush makeup in my country there was not any airbrush make up company here. Wherever, last year a MAC Senior from Miami came to Argentina to present a Master class about airbrush makeup.
    It was disappointing to see her make up a model with tradicitional brushes and after that said to us.. “The most difficult in airbrush makeup skill is to assemble the pieces of airbrush gun”.So, whe never saw her use the airbrush!

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