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Luminess Air Review


Luminess Air Review

Luminess Air Reviews

The technique of airbrushing had taken the makeup world by storm. Though Airbrush Makeup has been a favorite of Hollywood celebrities for quite some time, recently makeup companies have seen an increased demand from the general public as well. Everyone wants that flawless skin airbrushing can provide. Because of the increased demand, many makeup companies now market their brands for both professional salon use and individual self-application kits.

Before purchasing your own airbrush kit, you should definitely take the time to research the various brands on the market. For example,
Luminess Air claims to be the best airbrush brand out there. They have very clever brand marketing and do a lot of infomercials. When you delve a bit deeper into the product and read various Luminess Air Reviews, you find that the actual experiences customers have with the products are quite different than they advertise them to be. Luminess Reviews from actual customers often show them
unsatisfied with both the products and the Luminess customer service.

In these Luminess Air Reviews, customers often complain about
runny makeup, poor customer service, and additional shipping charges being added onto their purchase. They also complain that Luminess doesn’t offer services for the spare pieces and additional parts of their products. Therefore, if one small piece of a machine stops working or breaks for whatever reason, the entire machine can’t be used and the customer loses all the money she invested in the product.

There are other Airbrush Makeup brands out there that live up to the high-quality expectations of their customers. For example, Dinair has been written up a lot as excelling in the exact areas where Luminess Air is failing. Customers praise Dinair for having excellent customer service, and write about how they take their callers very seriously. Whether a caller wants to buy or return a product, needs help using one, or has a question about tracking or delivery, Dinair responds right away. Since Dinair is based in California rather than overseas, customers can walk in and try the products themselves. They can talk in-person with experts and makeup artists who answer their questions and give tips and recommendations about the products. In direct contrast to Luminess, Dinair Airbrush Makeup doesn’t run, offers a wide variety of colors to choose from, and lasts up to eighteen hours.

Airbrush Makeup Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is it safe to use Airbrush Makeup everyday as part of my daily regimen?
A. Yes. As long as you choose a quality brand, the airbrush makeup pigment should be Hypoallergenic and safe for everyday use.

Airbrush Makeup is very long-lasting – it stays on until you take it off with soap and water! Some of the Luminess Air customers say their makeup doesn’t last for the 16-20 hours they claim. On the other hand, Dinair Airbrush Makeup will last that long and you don’t have to touch it up throughout the day.

Q. How much makeup pigment do you need for one application?
A. Depends on how big the area trying to cover is and how thick you want the coverage to be.

Eight to ten drops of airbrush makeup will generally cover your face, neck and chest.

Q. Can I trust the information in the Luminess Air Reviews?
A. The Luminess Reviews can be misleading as they are written with marketing goals in mind instead of the truth. When you decide you want to purchase airbrush makeup products, the best approach is to study all the brands and weigh the pros and cons of each before making your decision.

Luminess Air products are cheaper than Dinair’s, but the quality of the Dinair products is much higher. So, be sure to do your homework beforehand and take what you read in the Luminess Air Reviews with a grain of salt.

The Airbrush Makeup Technique is far superior to other makeup techniques. As airbrushing becomes more well-known, more and more people want their very own airbrush set. Why continue to spend so much money for an airbrush makeover at a high-end salon when you can get the same look at home? Just be sure to check out all the products on the market before investing in an airbrush makeup machine.

Click Here to Watch a Video Review of Dinair vs Luminess Airbrush Makeup!

Airbrush Makeup Reviews


  1. Luminess Air is a rip-off. Tried to send back the luminess airbrush before the end of the 30 day trial, they refused it and sent it back. When I called them to find out why they said it didn’t matter since it was now past the 30 days. They have continued to try to make debits on my credit card and threaten collections. The phone number at collections does not actually connect you with anyone and the customer service line does not work.

    It’s not worth the money and definitely not worth the hassle, they just want to scam you out of your money.

    I only wish I had research them before I ordered.

  2. AvivaGi /

    Luminess Air is dishonorable and they do not honor their warranty. They sent me a defective system and I paid over $250. It NEVER worked. By the time we got finished trying to troubleshoot the system (several times) over the phone my 1 month trial period was over and they refused to take the system back. They finally agreed to send me another stylus and it cost me almost $9 to return it. I don’t think they sent me a new stylus, because it still did not work. They are now telling me that my warrantee period was one month for a return but that is not true. They told me if I send it back, they would not accept it. Buy a similar product from another company, and be sure you get a written warrantee.

  3. Micheal Downs /

    What airbrush makeup works well with combination skin? I have lot of questions to ask about this stuff. I need to buy this one. I need your opinion. Can I ask all here?

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