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Luminess Air Platinum Kit Review


Luminess Air Platinum Kit Review

We recently had the opportunity to test out the Luminess Air Platinum Kit, an Airbrush Makeup Kit with a price of $369 that’s designed to apply both airbrush makeup and self-tanner. After three of our makeup artists tried it on three separate occasions, however, we simply cannot endorse this kit or recommend you purchase it.

An alternative to Luminess Air would be to try a kit from another brand. Kett Jett offers a makeup kit, even though it isn’t focused on tanning nor do they even have a tanning and airbrush makeup kit in one. Their professional-level kit also runs on the expensive side, at about $800. Dinair has a kit for personal use that incorporates airbrush makeup technology and tanning into one which costs $449.

The main issue our makeup artists had with the Luminess Air Platinum Kit was the quality of the compressor. They complained that it didn’t give them the result of an even, natural-looking complexion the way other compressors do. At first, they were excited about the kit being about a hundred dollars less than the Dinair one, but they each soon remarked that even with the lower price, it’s not worth buying. They found it difficult to get the tanning product to look even on their clients’ bodies, and also said the compressor felt cheap and difficult to manage.

Nor were they impressed with the quality of the makeup itself, commenting that it didn’t look as dewy and fresh as the others. Whereas a high-quality airbrush makeup like Dinair gives off a natural-looking, effervescent glow, the Luminess Makeup was thin and runny and almost made the faces they worked on look wet.

The last makeup artist to try the product was furious when the compressor stopped working mid-application and he had only done half the client’s face! Needless to say, he was none too pleased. We called to speak with the Luminess customer service department for advice on how to get the machine working again, but unfortunately, we had to wait a good ten minutes to speak with the representative.

When we finally spoke with her, she was very brusque and didn’t offer any helpful advice at all. She put us on hold for another five minutes, finally coming back only to suggest turning the machine off, waiting a minute, and then turning it back on. Which, of course, we had already tried to no avail. What a completely different experience than whenever we call Dinair! Their team is always extremely helpful and takes the time to answer our questions thoroughly and correctly. They genuinely seem to care about our success with their airbrush makeup kit, whereas the Luminess rep rushed through our call as if we were annoying her.

Luckily, the Luminess machine started working again after we hung up, and our makeup artist finished applying the makeup. Regardless, we suggest staying away from the Luminess Air Platinum kit (and perhaps the brand entirely after our customer service experience). A much better bet would be to choose an Airbrush Makeup Kit from a reputable company like Kett Jett or Dinair.
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  1. Jill /

    I have purchased the Luminesse and the makeup is very dewy looking on my “Mature” skin and if it looked wet it is because you pulled back to far and pooled it, I have used minerals up to two weeks ago and I am thrilled with my Luminesse airbrush and make up and find it brilliant to use .

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