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Kett Jett Kit Review


Kett Jett Kit Review

Having worked in the makeup industry as a professional makeup artist and cosmetologist for the past ten years, I’ve had countless clients ask me which
Airbrush Makeup Kit I would recommend for their own personal use. When I talk about the different brands, I always mention the Kett Jett kit and explain that while it’s certainly a top-notch kit, it also comes with a very hefty price tag of around $800.

The Kett Jett brand is well-known and highly-regarded in the cosmetic industry, and many beauty experts and makeup artists I know enjoy this kit thoroughly and get good use from it. I’ve seen colleagues use it on film and television sets, and I like the fact that you can easily order different pieces for the kit and shades according to the results I’m going for. Kett Jett seems very conscious about the ingredients they put into their makeup as well. They also offer a multi-ethnic line to meet individual needs and accommodate different skin tones, which is quite useful for professional makeup artists like me who have clients from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. If you’re purchasing the kit solely for personal use, however, you probably won’t need all the various shades.

When I hold the Kett Jett brush in your hand, I definitely feel like I’m working with a quality brush. It’s very steady and allows for an even stream of makeup to pass through it. Even so, for someone planning to use the kit on a daily basis at home, I don’t think spending $800 is necessary or warranted. There are lots of other good kits out there from reputable brands like Dinair, for example. Their personal kits start at around $200, and seem ideal for non-professionals or people just starting out with airbrush makeup. If applying makeup wasn’t my profession and means of making money, I would most likely choose a Dinair Kit.

In addition, Kett Jett seems to target their Airbrush Makeup Kit toward professionals rather than individual users. Theirs’ is an ideal kit for a seasoned makeup artist or professional who already has a strong grasp of airbrush technology. Beginners would probably be better off starting off with an
Airbrush Makeup Kit from a brand that offers extensive support and training on how to use their product.

The Kett Jett Kit is designed for use on the face, and doesn’t focus on Body Makeup or Airbrush Tanning. Therefore, if you want anAirbrush Tanning or Body Makeup Kit, you might want to consider choosing one from a company like Dinair. Painting large sections of the body with a Kett Jett airbrush would probably take quite some time.

In conclusion, the Kett Jett Kit is an excellent choice for professionals, particularly for those with a racially diverse clientele. They will certainly appreciate the different colors to choose from and the quality of the makeup itself. For people in search of a kit to use at home, however, I would recommend a cheaper one as the cost of a Kett Jeff kit is just not necessary for personal use..

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