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Dinair’s Glamour Makeup vs. Dinair Paramedical Makeup

We get a lot of questions regarding why the airbrush masters at Dinair offer 2 makeup foundation formulas: Glamour & Paramedical. What’s the difference? Which formula should I be using?

So… stitch phone case iphone 8 plus Airbrush Makeup Reviews is about to go “behind the airbrush” and reveal the features of each makeup!


By the way, if you’re still not sure after reading our rants, the uber-friendly Color Professionals at Dinair are reachable via Live Chat, phone and email. They’ll give you a flawless recipe that’s just right for your skin, they’ll even select your shades when you email in your photo — it’s complimentary with Dinair’s Free Color Match!

Both Formulas:

Flawless, High-Definition coverage
Easily conceals blemishes & imperfections
Radiantly soft & natural complexion
Won’t rub off or fade
Lasts over 24 hours
Free Instructional DVD comes with kit & live help
Risk-free trial offer
Silicon & Paraben free
Only air & makeup touch the skin
Do it at home after a little practice!

Dinair Glamour Makeup Ideal for: All skin types (dry, tumblr case iphone 7 combination, olixar case iphone 8 sensitive, oily, etc.)

Daily Wear
Matte or Satin finish
All natural & water-based
Water & Rub-resistant
Available in Foundation, Blush & Lips, Eye Shadows, Eye Liner, elder scrolls iphone 6 case Lashes & Brows, protective cases iphone 6 Concealers, Adjusters and Shimmers (Opalescent colors)
Maintenance: Use Dinair Cleanser to clean your airbrush.
Easily clean your face with mild makeup remover.

Dinair Paramedical Makeup

Ideal for: Very Oily skin, Camouflage for areas of strong discoloration.

Breakthrough Coverage Formula
Cover severe acne, cosmetic surgery marks, rosacea, psoriasis, secure iphone 6 case port wine stain, iphone 6 case rechargeable Vitiligo, scars & bruises
Available in Foundation and Concealers.
Maintenance: Use rubbing alcohol to clean your airbrush.
Removes easiest with oil-based cleanser.

Dinair Airbrush Makeup tells us that many of their very oily/acne-prone customers use the Paramedical formula first to target acne spots and experience a slight drying effect which helps heal up the acne. Once the trouble spots are super-concealed with Paramedical, they blend the whole look together with the Dinair’s Glamour formula makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Dinair’s Glamour makeup Waterproof?

A: Only the Paramedical makeup is waterproof.

Q: What is the difference between waterproof & water-resistant?

A: Dinair ‘s Paramedical Waterproof makeup will stay on when exposed to vast amounts water, like jumping in the pool. Dinair’s water-resistant Glamour makeup will stay on when exposed to little amounts of water like rain or tears.

Q: Can you mix Paramedical & Glamour Makeup?

A: Glamour makeup can be mixed only with Glamour makeup. Spraying Glamour over Paramedical can be done like the example above.

Q: How do I know if I need the Paramedical Makeup?

A: Paramedical makeup should be used when looking to hide a tattoo, needing a waterproof coverage or when covering very oily skin or severe discoloration such as surgery scars and etc.

With all these solutions,

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