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Dinair Personal-Pro Kit Review


Dinair Personal-Pro Kit Review

As a professional makeup artist for the last ten years, I’ve tried the various Airbrush Makeup Kits out there. Even so, I keep coming back to the original Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit I purchased about eight years ago. A lot of my clients want an Airbrush Makeup kit they can use at home, and always ask me which one would work best for them. So here is a review of the five different variations of the Dinair Personal-Pro Kits.

There are variations to choose from:

·Foundation Deluxe Kit ($199) great starter kit
·Foundation Deluxe Plus Kit
($279) with free shipping
·Studio Beauty Kit
($299) best buy
($339) extra coverage
·Makeup & Tan
($449) full body kits

(Professional makeup artists might want to consider the Dinair Salon-Pro Kits, since the Personal-Pro Kits is intended mainly for personal and small salon use.)

The Personal-Pro Airbrush Makeup Kits are ideal for people new to airbrushing and who want to start off with a user-friendly brand. Each Personal-Pro kit includes an instructional DVD with a tutorial showing how to apply the Airbrush Makeup step-by step. Dinair’s reputable customer service is definitely a plus as well, and they offer live phone lessons where you call in and they walk you through an application of the makeup.

Starting at $199, the kits are slightly more expensive than many others on the market, but I must say that in this case the additional money is well worth it. I’ve experimented with cheaper kits like those from ‘LeCosmetique’, and the lesser quality of the makeup and airbrush machine is very apparent from the get-go. With a Dinair Personal-Pro Kit, you might pay more upfront, but you can be assured that you have a top brand kit complete with the service and help that comes along with it.

Before going into the individual aspects of each kit, I also want to explain that you can always upgrade your kit to fit your individual needs. For example, if you start with the Foundation Deluxe Plus Kit and then decide you want to use it for air tanning as well, you don’t have to purchase an entirely separate Makeup & Tan
Kit; all you have to do is buy the airbrush tanning add-on.

All of the variations come with a compact travel case and eyebrow stencil kit, which makes perfecting your eyebrow shape and appearance a cinch. You can choose a color for your compressor as well. My personal favorite is the bright pink, but they offer them in white, green, gray, a zebra print and other colors.

Depending on the kit you choose which glamour colors and bonus shades you want, and can go online to choose or visit their studios if you live in the Los Angeles area. One of my clients recently mentioned that she bought her kit online, and they asked her to send them a picture so they could recommend which shades might work best for her. They have a lot of shades to choose from, and by mixing them together, the possibilities are endless. You can buy them individually on their website or over the phone. Since the Paramedical kit is designed to provide a heavier coverage, its color options are a bit different, but for the most part the choices are similar across the different kits.

The Foundation Deluxe Kit offers four foundation shades and is the best kit to start with.

What’s Included in the Foundation Deluxe Starter Kit?

Airbrush Makeup Kit

The Foundation Deluxe Plus Kit offers the same as above plus an additional six bonus shades, eyebrow stencils, an eye shadow stencil guide and free shipping.

The Studio Beauty Kit includes eight .25 oz glamour shades, and is the overall best buy.

The Paramedical Kit comes with four glamour shades and four paramedical shades, and they recommend it mainly for covering up tattoos, skin conditions and discolorations such as rosacea. It works really well, and I use it to cover up tattoos for my clients when it’s not appropriate to show it. You would never know the tattoo is there, and the makeup stays put and doesn’t rub off onto clothes.

The Makeup & Tan Kit includes those eight glamour shades as well as a pro-tan airbrush and 8 oz. bottle of tanner. The Makeup & Tan Kit is excellent if you want a relaxed, tanned look without the harmful effects of the sun. The compressor has a dial that allows you to change the airbrush pressure to make it stronger when tanning your body and lighter when applying Airbrush Makeup to your face.

As the inventor of Airbrush Makeup, Dinair continues to be the most widely-used Airbrush Makeup brand amongst the makeup artists I know. Most of us have upgraded to their Salon-Pro systems to meet our professional needs, but if you’re looking for a personal Airbrush Makeup kit you can use every day at home, I highly recommend a Dinair Personal-Pro Kit. My clients love them!

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  1. Gilbert Bell /

    This is great. I need to buy one. What is the cost of this Makeup Kit? Do you offer any money back guarantee?

  2. Lexis /

    I bought the Dinair system and when I use it the foundation doesn’t really come out when I pull the lever so I get these spots on my face. Am I doing something wrong, or do you think it is the machine?

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