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Dinair Airbrush Makeup Review

Dina Ousley (left) and Carissa (right)

Imagine if Julia Child taught you to cook, or if Lance Armstrong taught you biking. I know it might sound like a stretch, the walking dead iphone 6 case but that’s exactly how I feel about my trainings with Dina Ousley, moko iphone 8 plus case the Godmother of Airbrush Makeup who originated the medium 25 years ago long before it was the ‘in’ thing to do. All makeup aside, she is the sweetest, most energetic ball of fun whose passion for her craft is contagious. phone case iphone 7 stars I took the classes to really hone in on airbrushing so I could use it for foundation application, iphone 6 case giraffe but I didn’t know that over the span of two days I would learn more than I have in years and completely change who I am as a Makeup Artist.

Why use airbrushing for foundation only when the soft, natural, long-wearing properties translate so beautifully to cheeks, eyes, iphone 7 phone cases music and lips? I created Robin’s look below using 100% airbrush makeup- yup, graffiti iphone 8 case even the eye liner and I did it in about half the time it normally takes me for a full face.


  1. Jessica /

    Ummmm, how exactly is she the originator of airbrush makeup? There’s records of airbrush makeup being used on the set of Ben Hur in 1925.

  2. Merry /

    MGM used a Hudson type compression sprayer that uses a hand pump, like a bicycle pump to pump and store air pressure.

    The liquid is then pushed through a very small hole to become a jet or a spray. An effect like a low pressure aerosol can. It is still used in gardening for spraying products on plants. Compression pressures can be 40+ psi.

    The Airbrushes used for airbrush makeup relies on the “venturi principle” to pull liquid into a flowing airstream. The speed of the airstream atomizes the liquid that is being drawn into it. The airbrush appears not to have been used for makeup until the early 1980s. The main reason for this timing or apparent delay was the introduction of new cosmetic ingredients that could be adapted into formulations that could be airbrushed. The big breakthrough came in the early 90′s when the Dinair company introduced a copolymer formula that could be sprayed at a very low pressure ranging from 3psi to 6 psi.

  3. Shiney Wilson /

    This was very helpful but i have a question… how do i know my shade´╗┐ of foundation?
    i dont wanna get the wrong one. Please help me

  4. Warren Lacey /

    Airbrush Kits by Dinair are one of the best choices for anyone who is looking for quality airbrush makeup. I purchased one and works great for my oily skin.

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