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Dinair Video Review

Here is a great YouTube video on Dinair Airbrush Makeup Review vs Luminess vs Temptu. NikkaBlue reviews her Airbrush Makeup System that she has purchased from Dinair. NikkaBlue also speaks about her Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Oily Skin, how the makeup and product holds up.

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  1. Terri /

    Great video review! I’m soooo exicted to get mine now – I put in the order so I should get it in a week! I got the $199 system which seems worth it for the price. Thanks Again!

  2. Catherine /

    I just received my Dinair Airbrush System and followed the directions on the DVD which was included. I found the DVD very easy to follow along with and not at all complicated. After getting the feel of it by using only water the first time around I felt it would be very easy to apply the actual makeup. Well, the first time I tried applying the base it looked okay but a little thicker than I thought it should so I washed my face and tried it again using the “less is more” motto that is expressed by Dina and concentrating on the changes being made as I made each “pass”. I was quite pleased with the results when I did it this way and got the hang of it quickly. After the base, I applied the blush. I felt like I got a bit too much in one area, so when I was done I simply put a little of the base over that area and it looked fine. The eyeshadow and brows were a bit more challenging because I did not order the kit with the stencils. Although I see that over time I will improved my skills using the airbrush, I was very pleased with the overall results I achieved in my second use. I am very excited about this new found way of applying makeup and foresee myself becoming very creative with it. The representative, “Al”, that I spoke with about my experience with my new Dinair system was very pleasant and helpful. I had made a list of all of my questions concerning the system and application methods and she patiently and thoroughly answered each one. She has motivated my desire to help others discover airbrush makeup with Dinair which I foresee myself doing shortly down the road. I can truly get excited over a product that I have tried that actually works like it says it is going to and to such a beautiful effect!

  3. Hi!
    Thanks! This is a great review. I have been researching airbrush makeup systems and was leaning toward Dinair. Now, I am convinced. I look forward to any new advice or tips you may post. You look very comfortable on camera – very nice!

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