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Best Makeup for High Definition

What is the Best Makeup for High Definition?

As more and more viewers watch movies, videos and television shows in High Definition, a big question on makeup artists’ minds is which is the best makeup to use while shooting. Since high definition pictures have a higher resolution and show the actors’ faces in greater detail, the makeup has to be able to withstand the scrutiny. After asking numerous makeup artists and experts, the answer is clear. Dinair Airbrush Makeup stands out from the rest as the
Best High Definition Makeup out there.

Whenever you watch something in High-Definition, be it on a television, movie screen or computer, the image is clearer because it’s made up of pixels, or tiny digital points the size of a pin point. When all the pixels are combined together, they form the clear picture you see on the screen.

Dinair Airbrush Makeup uses a technique called pointillism, where tiny microdots of color are sprayed onto the face. Therefore, Dinair Makeup is pixel makeup. And since both Dinair and High Definition use tiny points of color to form optical pictures, they are extremely compatible with one another. Using Dinair airbrush makeup for high definition is the same as photo retouching a live person.

Another benefit to Dinair Airbrush Makeup is that it dries on contact. The second it lands on the skin, it dries to a matte finish. Since there’s no need to put powder on top of it, the person’s skin shows around the dots of makeup and they have a natural, glowing look. In high definition, traditional makeup like powder moves around and is visible on top of the skin. But with Dinair, the skin breathes and moves around instead of the makeup.
Everyone’s skin is made up of light, medium, dark and blush shades. But when you make a person’s face look completely uniform with powder, and then paint color back onto the face, people begin to look the same, almost as if they were clones of each other. With
Airbrush Makeup
, the person’s unique skin colors show through. Moisturizer is sprayed on after applying the makeup and not before, preventing the skin from looking flat and keeping it dewy and fresh.
Don’t let the natural, light look of Dinair Airbrush Makeup fool you, however. It is extremely durable and lasts for up to eighteen hours, another reason why it’s long considered a favorite among makeup artists on sets. It withstands the hot lights and lasts for the duration of a shoot. No touch-up is necessary, and since it dries on contact, there’s no waiting time for the makeup to set either. It works well with all types of studio lighting, from inside to outside, fluorescent to candescent.

Dinair Airbrush Makeup is the ultimate in camouflage,” said Dina Ousley, founder of Dinair. “It takes out the bad and leaves the good, allowing the person’s natural beauty to shine through.” All kinds of skin imperfections can be disguised with Dinair makeup as well. It can be sprayed into the hairline and used to hide male-pattern baldness. It can be sprayed to create streaks in hair, fog out scars and tattoos, and hide skin conditions like
Rosacea and Hyperpigmentation. It’s ideal for fantasy makeup because of its long-lasting quality, and covers latex and prosthetics too.

As if the makeup doesn’t stand on its own, the training program at Dinair is unparalleled. They have training videos, tutorials and a school where makeup artists and consumers alike learn how get the most from the products. While some airbrush makeup companies only show people how to apply the foundation, the Dinair training includes tutorials on applying eyeliner, eyebrows and blush. As you can see, there really is no comparison. Dinair High Definition Makeup wins every time.
Buying an Best Makeup for High Definition may seem like an indulgence, and maybe it is, but it is one that is well worth the results that it gives, and by buying an Airbrush Makeup Machine a one time investment is re-paid every day with flawless, glowing skin.

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  1. I love dinair, the results are beautiful, just takes some time to learn how to use it, which is simple, maintain the equipment as recommended (again, simple) and you won’t go back to using any other type of make-up!! This really is 18 hour makeup, it lasts all day AND DOESN’T RUB OFF on your clothes (or his!!), it’s there until you take it off. The coverage is better than any other make-up I have used and it doesn’t feel like you are wearing make-up. For us older gals I do recommend using the moisturizing oil as a finishing touch, it not only moisturizes, it give you that dewy look we all had when we were younger.
    I really do feel this way and recommend the products to all my friends.

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