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Best Airbrush Foundation Review

Best Airbrush Foundation Review by Kandee Johnson

I’m getting married…. funky phone cases iphone 6 best airbrush foundations (this is me with the “bridal” look)(and this is much blonder, and fair-er friend, on her wedding day, with the same make-up I did for her)

just kidding….

but if you are… is a super-asked-for look….Wedding-Bridal Make-Up…this is the day that most every girl has dreamed about her whole life. Even if you’re not getting married, this is a great, iphone 6 power case 10000mah beautiful look…and I show you tricks and tips to make your make-up last all day and possibly all night too!

Kandee Johnson Makeup Artist Airbrush Foundation Review

On this day you will be like a celebrity…probably the most photographed day of your entire life…so you should look like a star too!

This is the most, most, most requested look I get when brides ask for make-up (and I’ve done countless bride’s make-up)
this is how it usually goes:

Kandee the Makeup

kandee: so what look do you want?

bride: a clean, lefon iphone 7 case fresh, kpop iphone 7 case dewy, iphone 6 case with animals Smokey Eye!

All those sound like they’d be hard to put together…but I’ll show you how to do it…and everyone looks stunning with this look. Also, how I show you to apply it, brides have told me that they have woken up the next day and still looked just as good as when I put it on them.

I hope this helps make you feel extra glamorous and will make your groom’s jaw drop when you walk down the aisle!


*make sure not to get any facial treatments 2 weeks prior to your big day (facials bring all the dirt down in the pores to the surface and cause “breakouts”)

*make sure you get all your facial waxing done at least a week prior to wedding day

*make sure you don’t drink any alcohol the morning of the wedding (it will cause redness in the face which no concealer will hide)

*up your water intake to half your weight in ounces, every day, for clearer, iphone 7 case 360 protection non-puffy face

*make sure you relax and enjoy every moment…it will be over sooner than you think….and remember, things will go wrong…so just expect something to go wrong…and you won’t get too upset. (every wedding I have done make-up for, something has gone wrong…and not one of them has ever started on time! ha ha ha)

I hope this helps you look and feel absolutely gorgeous, and I am honored to get to share this with you to be a part of such a special day for you!!!
huge love,

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  1. Susie /

    I could not understand part of what you were saying about the concealer, all I heard was Laura Mercier ______ ______2
    Can you email to me the exact product name please? My son is getting married soon so coming across your video was, well, great timing. :-)

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