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Airbrush Makeup: The Truth Behind Temptu’s 30th Anniversary Claim

Airbrush Makeup Anniversary ADS Authentic or Just Puffed up Promotion?

Trying to resolve the history of airbrush makeup and who came first, is much like trying to determine what came first, the chicken or the egg? The airbrush has been a tool used in many artistic applications dating back to the 1800’s, but airbrush , that history may be a bit more difficult to pin down due to the unabashed claims of many as to whose air brush makeup system is best, the original, or most used by professionals in the airbrush-makeup industry.

temptu 30th anniversary claimMany articles depict the first professional use of airbrush cosmetic in the classic 1925 MGM film, Ben Hur. A little digging shows that it was used in a rudimentary way to enhance the masses of extras used in that film. This early attempt at spraying makeup was done with a large hand pump type compressor (Hudson Sprayer) ( and sprayed like paint to quickly (airbrushing too slow) add color to the half naked extras featured in the film, it was also used to quickly add some muscular definition to perhaps less than Herculean bodies, a trick still used today.

While trying to unearth some information about the ongoing “air wars” seen recently on various blogs and websites, it seemed time to find out who actually deserves the 30th Anniversary designation. First, it must be determined what the two companies involved are actually celebrating.

Temptu is currently celebrating a 30th anniversary. iphone 6 case bob marley Dinair is celebrating their 30th Anniversary airbrushing makeup. phone cases iphone 6 leather Do both of these companies have something to celebrate? Absolutely!

According to Temptu, they began their journey as a temporary tattoo company in 1981, if you do the math – that was 30 years ago! So, yes, they are a company that began in the temp-tattoo industry and grew from there. It wasn’t until 1996, just 15 years ago according to their own website, that they decided to join the already thriving professional airbrush cosmetic scene.

Dinair Airbrush Make-up is currently touting that their founder, Dina Ousley, is celebrating 30 years airbrushing full face, makeup applications with her Dinair Air brush Makeup System.

Many websites claim that Dinair is the originator of airbrush makeup and the premiere airbrush makeup system used by professionals and in spas and salons worldwide.

Are any of these claims true? Yes, they are true. phone case battery charger iphone 7 Both companies are celebrating 30th Anniversaries. Temptu, a company that for half it’s existence was a temporary tattoo company is celebrating 30 years in business. Dinair, an airbrush makeup company, known as the original professional airbrush makeup company, is celebrating 30 years of airbrushing Dinair .

According to (

Temptu started it’s journey in the airbrush makeup industry in 1996. They introduced their silicon foundation in 2002. However, consumers soon realized that this revolutionary silicon-based foundation didn’t work.

Reviewers of Temptu’s airbrush makeup state that “The foundation never set properly on the skin and even worse, it clogged pores causing breakouts.” Another quote, “It was like stretching a thin layer of plastic over the face, preventing the skin from breathing.” When Temptu realized their silicon makeup was receiving unfavorable reviews, they decided to follow in the footsteps of their predecessor, Dinair, and started making a water based foundation.

Dinair Airbrush Make-up has always been Temptu’s biggest competitor and the standard bearer for airbrush makeup in the entertainment industry. iphone 6 plus cases plastic Reviews indicate that Dinair is the makeup of choice by professional artists and consumers using airbrush makeup for daily wear.

On the Temptu website are claims they are looking ahead toward a future where beauty meets technology. Dinair , say they will continue to innovate new technologies and revolutionize the beauty industry with airbrush makeup products that are pro-ready and at-home easy to use. Dina Ousley, founder of Dinair says, “Airbrush makeup is where Fine Art meets makeup, meets Technology. original case iphone 8 plus That’s the Dinair Difference!”

So, are the airbrush ads accurate? Yes, both companies are celebrating!

This year marks 30 years of airbrushing with Dinair Airbrush Makeup. cases for iphone 8 magnetic And Temptu is celebrating 30 years in the cosmetics industry, but not 30 years in the airbrush makeup industry as some ads subtly represent.


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