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What is Airbrush Makeup?

The Revolution of Airbrush Makeup

There is a silent revolution underway in the makeup world. Not many people know about it, but those who do usually come with a flawless, camera-ready complexion – and most of them are celebrities, up until now that is. The revolution is air brush make up, which is now available for everyone to use, not just celebrities.what-is-airbrush-makeup

Air brush make up is the secret to so many celebrity looks and flawless, seamless coverage. Its kind of like having Photoshop in a bottle. Air brush make up can be light enough to wear on a day to day basis, and flawless enough for attending the Oscars – and it lasts and lasts.

Most home-based systems for air brush make up come with a small air compressor, an applicator and either a liquid drop in foundation or a foundation pod which attaches to the applicator. The plus side of the drop-in liquid foundations is that the colors can easily be adjusted to suit changes in skin color, say if you have a weekend away in the sun and come back a little sun kissed, you can add a few extra drops of a darker foundation to perfectly match your tan.

The best thing about air brush make up is that it gives the perfect coverage without feeling or looking like heavy makeup, and gives a seamless look – so no more looking like you are wearing a mask! It is also far more hygienic, as the only thing to touch your skin is air and makeup, no brushes or fingers or sponges, and none of the messiness that comes with traditional foundation applications.

Air brush make up can also be used for cosmetic-coverage of problems such as scarring, birth marks, tattoos, rosacea, for covering up bruising after cosmetic surgery and more – because of the way the makeup can be seamlessly layered, you can get as light or as heavy a covering as you need, and it will never feel like you have caked the makeup on.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can air brush make up be used on other parts of the body?
A. Yes, air brush make up can be used on any part of the body that requires flawless coverage – many use it to seamlessly blend in their neck and ears and décolletage to match their flawless face.

Q. Are their tanning varieties of air brush make up?
A. Yes, some air brush make up companies also provide self tanner for the air applicator, which gives a flawless tan in moments.

Q. Can other types of makeup be used other than foundation in air brush make up?
A. Yes, most companies provide foundation, highlighter and blush. There are also companies which provide eye shadows, liners, lipsticks and more for a flawless full facial makeup.

Q. Is air brush make up safe for use?
A. Definitely. The formulation of most air brush make up means that they not only dry matte finished in seconds but they are also as safe as using any normal foundations and in fact are more hygienically clean.

There are many advantages to using air brush make up, and now the celebrities are not the only ones who get to benefit from the revolution of air brush make up – it is available for everyone in the comfort of their homes.

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