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About Us

Hey Everyone! My name is Michelle and I have been addicted to everything MAKEUP since I was 7!! I didn’t realize until I was 21 that I could parlay my love for beauty into a fabulous career. I worked for many years to find my nitch in the “beauty biz” through lots (and lots) of trial and error….trial and error meaning finding those elusive, ever changing, to die for makeup products and techniques.

About six years ago the entertainment industry changed, we went HI -DEF! All of a sudden my perfect makeup applications still showed many of my clients imperfections on camera…this was not good at all! So I started the search for a new way to “fix” this problem. I heard through a friend that there was this amazingly talented Makeup Artist that owned a company called Dinair, An Airbrush Makeup School and Store front.

Dina, the owner, had been Airbrushing all of Hollywood’s top celebs for close to 25 years….well, this sounded like the place for me.

I immediately signed up and to make a long story short I have been an Airbrush Makeup Addict ever since!!

Through this blog I will tell you all the Secrets, Airbrush Makeup Reviews, to this magical way of applying your makeup, the pros and cons, among many other techniques used with Airbrushing. I can’t wait to hear your feedback and to answer any of your questions.

Thanks for visiting!

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